Is 123HelpMe Legit?

There may be many reasons why people wonder if the 123HelpMe website is a scam or an honest essay writing service. 123HelpMe is not able to provide the money-back promise. The customer support is not good and the options available are very limited. In addition, the company’s website admission essay writing service does not offer several functions. Take a close look at what you need to consider before deciding to use this option.

123HelpMe does not offer writing services

While 123HelpMe isn’t able to provide any proof of legitimacy It does provide writing guidance and inspiration. This service has received very few complaints about privacy, security or financial details. Its reputation is based on the quality of its essay writing and other forms of writing, however it still fails in some situations. It also may contain plagiarism-checkers that do not meet the standards of quality. Therefore, customers should be aware when they use the website.

123HelpMe does not have representative for customer service despite the fact they are called that. One way to get in touch with an agent for customer support is by filling out the contact form that is located on the main page. It asks you for details about yourself, such as your the name, email address, subject, and message. Users can also submit an email in order to receive a no-cost quotes for the services. If there’s a great possibility that the issue can be solved, a representative will be in touch with customers.

This guarantee doesn’t include a cash-back guarantee.

Although there are several motives to not use 123Help Me but none of this is because they don’t offer the Shmoop money-back assurance. The website does not offer security assurance, so if you use 123 Help Me to make a payment for your order, you should be aware that they cannot reimburse you for any mistaken payments. In addition, if you decide that you don’t like the service they provide, there’s no recourse to receive refunds. Also, the site’s negative reviews make it hard to be sure.

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123Helpme is not able to provide contact information on its website. If you want to contact the customer service rep, you must go to the “Contacts” tab on the homepage. It is necessary to enter your email address, name as well as a short description of your problem. It is unlikely that they will respond to your email immediately. You’ll need to wait days, if not weeks to get your money back.

Customer service is not great.

123HelpMe is one of the most popular writing service. However, it isn’t as effective as the other online writing service providers and does not offer customer service. The service does not provide a personal contact person or an straightforward way to connect with a live agent. The clients are advised to reach out by email. Clients must include the name of their contact as well as the subject, as well as the nature of their issue. They must then wait to hear back.

It is not clear whether 123helpme is reliable. Although it provides a broad selection of papers for academics but the caliber of papers can be a bit lacking. It also does not provide assistance from a live contact number as well as the proper guidance in solving issues related to assignments. While 123helpme has some great options, you must take into consideration the negatives that they offer prior to making an option to go with their services.

The number of resources available is limited. is a website that provides writing assistance online. The essays are arranged according to general topics, and you can search for essays using keywords. To show the level of each paper it is colored. They can be used to conduct research. But, they can’t be included in the entire work. It is good to know that 123HelpMe has a vast collection of essay samples to select from.

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The 123HelpMe database is huge of essay samples, however there isn’t a live writers’ team. Although you may discover an essay that is suitable for your needs, it could not be of top quality. The writers on 123HelpMe do not possess sufficient experience and skills to write papers with the level of complexity and nuance that your instructor demands. 123HelpMe may have a large selection of writing examples and essays, but the quality of its content could be questionable. In addition, the writers that are employed by 123HelpMe are not professional writers. 123HelpMe also does not provide a satisfactory plagiarism checker.

There is no protection for data

123HelpMe is a company with weak data protection policies. For one, 123HelpMe does not provide users with contact information. Customers must go to the Contacts tab on the bottom of the webpage to contact them. In order to reach them, they have to input their email address, name, topic and concern. There is a high probability that they will receive a response to their message, but in the event that they don’t, they will have to wait days or even weeks for a response.

123HelpMe has no direct discount system. Subscribers can get discounts for longer months, however they are not offered directly. If you’re not prepared to spend a significant amount upfront and then, it’s not a good idea to use 123HelpMe. They don’t offer adequate privacy protection. Be sure to protect your credit card numbers, and any other data. It is possible that they will leak your private information. Make sure your personal information is secure by using the use of passwords on websites.

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