See the Difference: Acuvue Oasys Rebate, Save Money Today!

It’s hard to find the best contacts these days. You want the best quality, but you also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get that quality. So, what are you supposed to do? Is there any option for someone who would like to save money on their contacts, but can’t find a coupon, or someone who would like to know about another option? If you’re looking to save a little money, look no further than an Acuvue Oasys rebate, and we know exactly how to help you find them.

What’s So Great About Acuvue Rebates?

The best part about Acuvue rebates is that they can be used by current or even new customers. Also, if you are a new customer, Acuvue offers a free trial box of contacts that you can get to save you a few bucks right off the bat. After you accept your free trial box of contacts, simply follow this link ( to find some of the best rebates for Acuvue products on the market.

What Should I Know About the Rebate Process?

Acuvue typically rebates customers within ten weeks of purchase of a product, and the rebate is put on a prepaid card with a credit balance that’s equal to the dollar amount of your rebate, and you can spend the rebate on your new card however you would like, wherever Visa cards are accepted. Sometimes, even your eye doctors can help you find further discounts on Acuvue brand contact lenses, but you’ll have to check with them to find out.

If You Need Contacts, Now Is The Time To Get Them.

Naturally, you might have some questions or concerns. We’re here to address those concerns with some answers to frequently asked questions.

What age should you be before you start wearing contacts?

People of any age group can wear contacts, and most Optometrists suggest beginning to wear contacts as early as 13 years old. And typically speaking, optometrists say that most get great results when their kid starts wearing contacts.

Do You Have To Be “Responsible” With Your Contacts?

Just like any other habit, it takes some getting used to with your new contacts. You do have to make sure you put them in solution, take them out and insert them into your eyes daily, and make sure they’re hydrated and fully saturated with liquid- other than that it’s no different than brushing your teeth- especially with high quality Acuvue Oasys brands that stay moist all day so you won’t feel irritated by them.

Why Should I Get Contacts, Because I’m Worried About My Look?

While it’s true that some feel more confident without glasses and in their new contacts, the fact is that contact lenses have much more application in some situations where glasses are completely impractical and hold a person back- for example, your contacts will never fog over, or fall and break, plus contacts give you peripheral vision, something glasses simply cannot provide. Even further, today’s contact varieties even are advanced enough to support bifocals, astigmatisms, and even those with presbyopia.

Contacts are Expensive!

Contacts used to be much more expensive than they are today. Typically speaking, a prescription for a year’s worth of contacts costs about $300 (24 boxes a year), less than buying a soda a day, or a candy bar, even. Plus, if you lose them, it’s easy to replace them where it’s much more expensive to replace eyeglasses. Even further, you can take advantage of the free pair of lenses Acuvue offers, awesome rebates, and even money back guarantees.

Contact Lenses are Uncomfortable.

Nearly 40 million people wear contact lenses. As long as you’re cleaning and replacing your contacts regularly, you’ll never have a problem with Acuvue Oasys, they’re the most comfortable and advanced contacts on the market that never dry out and keep your eye moist, hydrated, and breathing all day long, in any condition. Even in the last few years, contact lens technology has been improved to keep your eyes more comfortable than ever, in some situations, even better than traditional glasses- and cheaper too.


So don’t wait! Use our rebate today! Why stop yourself from making a choice that will completely benefit you and your eyes? If the product does not improve your eyesight comfortably and more easily than that with glasses Acuvue will give you what money you spent, back. Experience the difference science and technology combined with silicone and hydration will make in your dry, tired eyes- and you’ll never look back.