Cheapest Acuvue Oasys

Finding contacts that are comfortable can be difficult for many individuals who are looking to get out of having to wear solely frames alone. This is especially the case for people who have been told that they suffer from astigmatism. However, thanks to the increase of technology, people are now able to find more options to suit their needs such Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism sufferers.

The disorder is one that is actually fairly common across the world. In fact, studies have found that out of 2,523 children, 28 of them were diagnosed with astigmatism. Children are the least likely to be able to even notice that they might have astigmatism, but often suffer in activities or in school with distorted or blurred vision.

Even for those who have astigmatism, or know someone who does, there are quite a few who may not understand what astigmatism is and why there’s a need for specialized contacts. People who have trouble with astigmatism often have trouble with wearing contacts due to the fact that the cornea of their eye is not spherical as it normally should be, making it difficult for regular lenses to stay in place as they should, or they have an irregular-shaped lenses behind the cornea.

Astigmatism is often associated with farsightedness or nearsightedness conditions, which is often caused by the cornea being irregular in shape, almost like an oblong football. Often times, people who have mild cases may not see any significant symptoms, while others may witness signs of blurred vision. In some cases, uncorrected conditions may develop into headaches, distorted or blurred vision, as well as eye strain from several distances.

Because astigmatic eyes have football-like corneas versus regular spherical-shaped ones, this generally results in two points of light hitting the back of the eye, instead of the one point of light that hits the back of non-astigmatic eyes. In some cases, the meridians of irregular astigmatism, in which the curves of the eye lie, will sometimes be more than the regular two meridians as seen in regular astigmatism. They may also be at other degrees than the typical 90-degree angle.

Initially, those who had astigmatism were left out of the loop when it came to the contact lens craze, leaving them with only option of wearing corrective glasses when it came to their eyesight. Within the last several years, contacts finally became available and the options continue to increase as technology continues to do so as well.

Acuvue offers several contacts that are made for astigmatism, or for those who may often feel discomfort from wearing contacts. People who experience blurred or fluctuating vision while wearing regular contact, or who may be lead active lifestyles, may benefit from their contacts as well. Not only can the be more comfortable for many, but they also offer UV-A and UV-B protection.

Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism contact lenses feature what is referred to as an accelerated stabilization design and the company’s Hydraclear Plus for maximum moisture, both of which contribute to the lens’ ability to provide comfort, clear visibility, and can allow wearers to use them for longer periods of time for all-day comfort. The lenses also provide a remarkable 98% breathability rate, providing a substantial amount of oxygen to the eye, unlike many different types of contacts out there.

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