Acuvue Oasys Rebate

Contact lenses are widely used in for medical, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Their usage prevents the errors in the eye and helps in achieving proper vision. These are manufactured in such a way that they fit the eyes accurately and help in correcting the defects in eye sight, if used as corrective contact lenses. They bring about a change in the appearance of the eye, if used for cosmetic purposes. Therapeutic contacts are used in treatment. All these contacts are designed with some unique feature and marketed using a brand name with a proper patent right.

Acuvue oasys:

These are the contact lenses developed by Johnson & Johnson under the brand name of Acuvue oasys. This brand of contact lenses is manufactured using hydra clear plus technology, which will prevent the problem of dry eyes. Acuvue oasys provides varieties of lenses such as bifocal, daily wear, disposable lenses with superior comfort and vision correction.  Several products are marketed under this brand, few of which may include

•  Acuvue oasys disposable contact lenses
•  Acuvue oasys for astigmatism
•  Acuvue oasys for presbyopia

  The above mentioned products have got their own individual formulations and help in the well being of the individuals’ eyes. For example, the Acuvue oasys disposable contact lenses are biweekly disposable lenses which keep the eyes moist and fresh. The lens for astigmatism corrects the refractive error of the eyes and the presbyopia lenses are the multifocal contact lenses. These are extra smooth and provide clear vision to patients with presbyopia.

Ciba focus lenses:

These are developed by Ciba Vision. They offer several products with the brand names such as dailies, air optix and fresh look contact lenses. Ciba Focus Lenses are famous for their most comprehensive eye health and vision care. These are specially shaped lenses, which help in correcting defective vision and refractive errors that cause blurred vision. Some of the products that are marketed under this brand are:

•  Ciba focus dailies all day aqua comfort plus
•  Focus vistinct toric contacts

These products are designed with triple action moisture and leave the eyes comfortable throughout the day starting from dawn to dusk. Vistinct toric contacts help in correcting the defects caused due to refractive angles of the cornea in order to provide proper vision, while the focus dailies help in easy usage and maintenance of the contacts as they are replace after every single use.

Contact lenses UK:

These are the suppliers of branded and good eye care products through out UK. Contact lenses UK ensures that their customers receive true brands and proper contact lenses as per the prescription details. Some branded contact lenses supplied include the products of Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb; Cooper Vision etc. apart from these some opticians own brands are also available. Several products of these brands are marketed all over the world.

The above article includes the information about variety of contact lenses marketed by different companies on major brand names. Some examples of eye care are also mentioned in the essay. The care with which they are produced and marketed by a company can be understood by going through each of the products.